Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) are sleek, soft, furry mammals that remind us of small otters. Ferrets are NOT rodents, and do not gnaw on things. They are listed as the number three most popular medium-size pet, behind dogs and cats. In fact, their mouths look very much like the mouth of a dog or cat.

       They are extremely quiet pets that only occasionally make a low honking sound, usually when threatened, hurt or in danger. Ferrets are very affectionate and loved to be handled. And they are potty trainable practically from their first weeks after birth.

       Ferrets are incredibly interesting and smart. They will entertain you always with their fun-loving antics and insatiable curiosity. Additionally, they travel extremely well and easily go on vacations with their adopted human families with ease and almost no special maintenance.

       They like to hoard and hide thing lying about the house. If you're missing a sock, don't blame the washing machine. It's probably in one of the ferret's secret stashes, like under the sofa.

       We enjoyed "our girls" Patty and April for seven wonderful years.


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